Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Toronto Style Defined

Like any city, Toronto style varies from the most eclectic to the utterly conservative. Somewhere in between you'll find most urban Torontonians; chill, understated, brogue infused, tomboyish, urban, slightly conservative and chic.

I'm very eclectic in my style and usually like to pair edgy looks and feminine looks together, but I have found that in recent years since I've lived downtown, the style that breathes life into this city has creeped it's way into my wardrobe and changed me a little bit... and I've fallen in love with it.

In this set I featured some looks and designs that sample and personify Toronto style. Check below for the links!

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Nikki Rich

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

On Trend: The Drape Jacket

I really love this style jacket because it's so effortless to wear and it turns casual day into a trendier version of casual day. Say for instance it's Sunday afternoon and you have to do some groceries but you're totally in relaxation mode... you don't really want to get 'dressed' but you have to... You just throw on some fitted pants, a shirt and then a drape jacket. It doesn't even matter what you're wearing underneath it because the jacket makes the whole look!

This style of jacket is really great for curves; especially if the jacket comes with a waist cinching drawstring. For me personally, I have a petite curvy inverted triangle frame and this style of jacket instantly makes me feel more confident and covered up in the right places.

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1. House of Harlow 1960 Zenith Loafer
2. Merona scoop neck white tee
3. Target Sonya rhinestone flat
4. Black drape jacket
5. Faux Leather Guess Purse
6. True Religion Jeans (only sz 28 left on
7. Draped trench jacket Nasty Gal

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Stylist Spotlight: Patricia Field

I first discovered who Patricia Field was after watching Sex and the City. I remember walking out of that movie feeling a sense of rejuvenation like, wow I could dress like that one day and run the world. That's what Patricia Field does. When she styles a character (or person) she stays true to the essence of that person, but also livens them up and gives them more vivacity.
Patricia Field has been a fashion stylist/costume designer for years and has garnered many awards for her work. She is a fearless, unapologetic individual with a true passion for fashion.

Patricia on style: "The way you dress yourself is a form of self-expression, and a way of communicating to others who you are. But style is broader than just fashion — it’s not only the way you dress, but how you decorate your home, the books you read. It all runs together. The more ways you can express yourself the better, because then you are communicating at a higher level."

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1. Carrie in Sex and the City 2. Tux shirt/pant and jacket by Christian Dior. Headpiece by Trivial New York. Photo via Vanity Fair.
2. Patricia Field's boutique at 306 Bowery in NYC.
3. Samantha in Sex and the City 2. Dress by The Blonds via Love is love, lifestyle blog. 
4. Noir Keith Haring Baby Pin sold at Patricia Field. Keith Haring by House of Field.
5. VOGUE Snapback Cap by Patricia Field; an homage to the 80s dance style of 'Vogueing'.
6. The Chiquita shoe by Patricia Field. (Currently out of stock)
7 .Floral Crown by Patricia Field.
8. Patricia Field styles singer Elle Varner in African print Teacup mini-dress for her "Only Wanna Give it to You" (feat. J Cole) music video. Designed by Motoko (House of Field member) for Patricia Field via Patricia Field Tumblr.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Personal Styling Tools Online

Am I the only one that wishes my life was like this every morning? That getting dressed was completely effortless? Ok just checking.

Now it can be... sort of.

The other day I discovered H&M created this amazing styling tool called "The Dressing Room" that allows you to personally style a model. The tool has actually been around for over a year!! You can select clothes, put them together with accessories and you can even change the model's hair to create the look! It's so amazing.

H&M, Virtual Dressing Room, Online Dressing Room, Online personal stylist

I continued my search to see if other major retailers were using the software and discovered Hugo Boss also has a really good one too. The only thing is the selection isn't as wide. 

Hugo Boss, Virtual Dressing Room, Online Dressing Room, Online personal stylist

I was thinking, not only is this a great idea for those of us who want to style ourselves (before going to the store) but also for any bloggers who also have online stores. What a great way to increase your sales! The only issue with online shopping is the fact that we can't see what we are wearing online. This is such a great tool for the business and for the shopper. Win win!! What do you think? Did you already know these were around? Do you know of any other retailers that do this?

Thursday, 14 February 2013

On Trend: The Upgraded Moto Jacket

Let's go back to the basics for a second and talk about the cycle of a fashion trend. I see trend adaptation like this; a few trendsetters wear the trend (usually celebrities), we end up loving it, then the risk takers start wearing it, it catches on in masses, and then designers re-create the trend in a multitude of different ways so that almost every person can like their own version of the trend. Then it explodes and either fades away never to be seen again, or becomes a staple in the wardrobe.

Enter - the moto jacket.

The moto jacket trend is in my opinion, one of the BEST innovated trends of all time. It is the old school motorcycle jacket re-created into a fashionable hybrid mix of the harley bike jacket and the sport bike jacket, except it's also really cute, fitted, feminine and glamorous. The re-creation of the trend is done so amazingly well that I think we forget how it used to be worn, unless maybe you think about the Ramones. But seriously, all I can think of in my mind when I think of moto jacket trend is Celine, jeans, pointy shoes, a cute clutch and Miranda Kerr.

There are no more rules in fashion and this is a perfect example of that. The trend exploded in 2009/2010 and has been going since. Although the moto jacket is best worn in Fall, if you wear it right you can wear it any season.

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Celine jacket photo via Celine Perfection at

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Blogger Style Icons: The Beckerman Sisters

The reason I love the Beckerman sisters is like any other; they are original, funky, loud, bold and totally creative!! In their originality they easily inspire and deliver a refreshing composite to the typical style covered on fashion blogs. If you have never heard of them you need to check out their blog STAT.

They will influence you in a new way, for sure. Enjoy!

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Photos via Beckerman Bite Plate, Toronto Life,

Designer Spotlight: Mercura NYC

While I was researching photos for this post I discovered who the creator of Nasty Gal was; Sophia Amoruso (she's featured in picture 1). I had no idea who she was until I saw the photo of her with these gorgeous Mercura glasses on. Now everything makes so much more sense

Designer Spotlight: Mercura NYC Sunglasses, Lady Gaga sunglasses, Designer, Editorial Fashion, Art Glasses

1. Nasty Gal creator, Sophia Amoruso at NYFW SS12. Photo via via Elle
2. Blank Magazine, October 2011. Styled by Lyndsey Hornyak. Photo via Trillista Tumblr via Mercura NYC blog
3. Singer, songwriter Neon Hitch at NYFW AW13. Covered by Garment District Diva, styled by Kyle Luu. Photo via Mercura NYC blog
4. Olivia Dawn for Pulp Magazine 2012. Photographed by Brent Goldsmith, Editor Elaine Jyll Regio, Hair & Makeup by Andrew Elek. Photo via Tales from Pluto Tumblr

Additional links: 
Mercura NYC's BLOG

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Rihanna: Best Dressed at Grammys 2013

I couldn't resist. Rihanna killed it!! Hands down she is the best dressed in the whole place. I couldn't even post anybody else. Stunningly beautiful!!

Rihanna, Grammys, Azzedine Alaia, Manolo BlahnikRihanna, Grammys, Neil Lane, Red Nails

Rihanna's dress is by Tunisian-born couturier and shoe designer Azzedine Alaia, her jewelry is by Neil Lane and she has on Manolo Blahniks hidden underneath that beautiful gown!

New York Fashion Week

While everybody is busy talking about the snow storm, can we take a minute to focus on the amazingness of the runway looks for Fall/Winter 2013-14? There are so many beautiful looks. For starters, everything Balmain is amazing. I've been obsessed with Balmain ever since Beyonce wore that amazing military jacket in 2009. Remember that? Oh it was sooo good. But I digress..

Back to the looks - Balmain is absolutely stunning - the entire collection. I love the clean lines and sleek silhouettes. I really admire the collections from Jen Kao and Jill Stuart as well. Personally, I can't wear a lot of the power shoulder looks but I can definitely admire from afar. I posted my favourite looks below.

In order of amazingness I would have to say that so far it's Balmain, Marissa Webb, Jill Stuart and Jen Kao. Check out the full collections at or

Balmain, Jen Kao, Marissa Webb, Jill Stuart, Runway looks, NYWF, AW13

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Finding Inspiration

Since I've started my blog I've found it so much easier to find inspiration for fashion, home decor, beauty, cooking, writing and even conversation! I think it's because I have a purpose for it, or rather, an avenue to exert it into a form of creative output. I find inspiration everywhere- in other blogs, at home, listening to music, movies, videos, walking down the street, shopping, even driving in my car! It's easy to find once you begin to look for it.

Patterns are everywhere right now and they pair so nicely with light colours. I created this fun inspiration board out of admiration for these beautiful designs.

I'm thinking of making this a regular post, what do you think? Where do you find your inspiration? More importantly, how do fashion bloggers stay inspired?

Fashion Inspiration, Pattern Inspiration, Home Design, Decor, Jewelry, Runway

Photo Credits:
Christian Lacroix Notebook
Mary Katrantzou SS13 Runway
Kelly Wearstler collection
DANNIJO Lookbook
Designed room by Katie Ridder

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

What to Wear? - The Fashion Interview

Have you ever found it frustrating figuring out what to wear to your interview? It happens to me all the time. I have probably gone over about 40-50 interviews in my lifetime and every single time I get stuck! Most recently I went on an interview and the recruiter said my Calvin Klein dress looked like an evening gown.. Ouch!

Here's some inspiration to help us figure out what to wear..

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