Saturday, 9 March 2013


Woohoo! This set was so much fun to create! I love to contrast items that are typically seen as bold and edgy with soft and feminine items. I downloaded some new fonts to experiment with as I find the more I blog, the more I get the desire to improve the formatting and look. Let me know what you guys think.

In this set I've featured some of my favourite studded creations on Etsy and looks from Lookbook.Nu (which by the way - is such an AWESOME site!).

Thank you to all the designers who gave me the go ahead to feature their unique, hand-made creations. They really are one of a kind. Please check below for links to items and looks.

(How adorable are the matching best friend bunny iPhone cases? Too cute!)

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Shopping & Links

 ETSY: GlitzyGirlBling - Best Friends Bunny Rabbit Heart iPhone Silicone Case
② ETSY:  TheBlackFeather - The Osiris Spike Bracelet
③ LOOK by Lina Tesch Photography on Lookbook.Nu - photographed by Max Liebenstein
  ETSY: NiceReworkedVintage - Tie Dye Studded Sweater
⑤ LOOK by Amanda Shoemaker (OneofEach Blog) on Lookbook.Nu with Alainn Bella studded purse (Website seems to be having difficulties. Here is the Alainn Bella Facebook page)
 ETSY:  ShopWünderlust - The Jenna Shorts


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  3. I am OBSESSED with studs! lol I just got some cute little black flats from forever with gold heart studs on them. Also I like the fonts a lot! :)

    1. Thanks Jenny! Ooooh I'm going to have to go check out Forever 21. I saw some cute ones at Top Shop too. I want to do a studded DIY post!!

  4. Dear, your blog called my attention! I have seen some posts here and your edition is amazing!!! You take so much care about your blog! You are an incredible blogger! COngratulations!

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    1. Your comments are so lovely, thank you for your compliments!

  5. I love the studded top, number 4. Too cute!

  6. I really love small stud details on the collar of a shirt or a bracelet. I also really like the dip-dyed denim shirt. So cool!